Dicembre 21, 2022

It is in this spirit that we say thank you and best wishes for the holidays and new year.

Novembre 2, 2022

Let’s relive the exciting atmosphere of Xylexpo 2022

Fiera Xylexpo MILANO – 27a Edizione – 2022
Novembre 26, 2021

Speed, Accuracy and Quality:
Locatelli Macchine for Carl Hansen

Luglio 17, 2020

Eine tolle Zeit

Eine tolle Zeit centercenterno-repeat;center top;;auto Meine Arbeit für LOCATELLI MACCHINE als deutscher Generalvertreter centerno-repeat;left top;;auto Mein Leben und das Leben meiner Familie hat sich fast immer […]
Maggio 26, 2020

A name You can trust!

Aprile 16, 2020

Eco-friendly products for a plastic free world

As the world is becoming more aware about plastic pollution, many companies have started thinking more ecologically and therefore are switching to a natural product, causing […]