A new conception of lathe but based on the long tradition and experience of Locatelli Macchine, fully automatic with 6 axis controlled by Numerical Control and precisely: • Z axis = main slide • C axis = spindle motor and, if necessary, motor positioning in degrees • A axis = back working unit • U axis = front working unit • W axis = back working unit • V axis = front working unit The Numerical Control lathe, with tilted bench, is made to meet all needs with precision, speed, repeatability and reliability. On request, the lathe can be fitted with automatic devices to increase productivity, in addition to the already ample standard provisions: • Multistation tool holder turret (V.3) • Drilling device on spindle • Helical milling and/or grooving unit • Centring device on spindle • Sanding device The combination with an Osai Numerical Control with technologically advanced solutions and with electronic cam and Iso programming of several mutually independent axis, allows the machine to give maximum flexibility and reliability. The machine is standard delivered with a dedicated CAD-CAM software. Maximum working length 1600mm – maximum square section in automatic cycle with feeder 210x210mm – maximum diameter with manual loading 300mm. Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety. Overall noise level of the machine is below 85 decibels. Weight Kgs.6600
Maximum length 1600 mm
Maximum diameter 300 mm
Minimum diameter 10 mm
Maximum square cross-section in automatic cycle 210 x 210 mm
Spindle motor - C axis Asynchronous 8.5 Kw with constant power from 1500 to 6000 rpm
Spindle coupling 36 x 60 mm
Spindle speed From 0 to 8000 rpm
Longitudinal axis screws Diam. 40 mm - pitch 20 mm
Transverse carriage stroke 180 mm
Transverse axes screws Diam. 20 mm - pitch 5 mm
Tailstock sleeve diameter 80 mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 40 mm
Tailstock coupling C.M.3