This is an automatic sanding machine for turned pieces. It is fitted with 2 hydraulic traverse copiers following twin belt sanders copying from wooden pattern or metal template. There are six stations with a rotating drums and the machining process goes through the following stages: 1. Turned piece is loaded from hopper and clamped 2. Course profile sanding with belt 3. Fine profile sanding with belt 4. Course brush back sanding 5. Fine brush back sanding 6. Ejection of sanded piece. On request, an electromagnetic brake can be fitted for stopping the spindle motor before unloading. The course and fine belts are used for sanding the simple contours of the turning. The machine will sand: 1. On either the forward or the return stroke only 2. Both in the forward and return strokes. The adjustable oscillating and stroking brushes are used for sanding the more complicated sections of the turnings. This is a machine suitable for sanding pieces with a maximum length of 1500mm, max. diameter 170mm and 120x120mm maximum square. Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety. Overall noise level of the machine is below 85 decibels. Weight Kgs.3490
Maximum length of work-pieces 1500 mm
Maximum diameter pieces 170mm
Maximum square section 120x120 mm